Fall/Spring Registration Agreement

No Refunds

By registering for fall/spring classes, all legal parents and/or guardians agree they have read and agree to the following information.

Seven Important Points relating to Fall/Spring Registration

  1. Registration fee will process when registering.
  2. Every student will be charged a $25 registration fee (discounted for multiple children in family – 2 children – $40, 3 children – $50, 4 or more – $55) as part of the registration for fall classes.
  3. Performance fee ($62) will process with first tuition payment. Performance track has a separate arrangement for billing.
  4. 1st month tuition will process 9/6 or immediately if signing up after 9/6
  5. All remaining months, October through May will process first Friday of each month.
  6. Costume fees will process 11/16. $65/Costume – Children Track: $70/Costume – General Track & Performance Track have separate arrangements for costume billing.
  7. Fees to be processed automatically out of account on file.
  8. ​Anyone wishing to withdraw from classes must do so by 11/15 – the day prior to costume fees processing.

Performance & Costume Fees

PERFORMANCE FEE – $62 per family
Processed with first month’s tuition. The performance fee assists with the cost of Goucher college, the incredible venue that hosts our annual recital. All tickets will be sold online at a separate cost. The tickets will cost $9 per ticket.

CHILDREN’S PROGRAM – $65 per costume 
Processed 11/17 – students registering after 11/17 will have costume fee processed the first Friday following their registration. Costume fee will include costume and tights- 1 pair pink, if in ballet and 1 pair tan, if in jazz/tap or hip hop – per dancer. Tights to be decided by teachers based on costume ordered for dance. Tights sizes will be based on dancer measurements. Males will have socks provided.

GENERAL STUDIES TRACK – $70 per costume
Processed 11/17- students registering after 11/17 will have costume fee processed the first Friday following their registration. Costume fee will include costume and tights – 1 pair pink, if in ballet and 1 pair tan, if in jazz, tap or hip hop – per dancer. Tights to be decided by teachers based on costume ordered for dance. Tights sizes will be based on dancer measurements. Males will have socks provided.

​CLASSICAL TRACK STUDENTS – $70 per costume. Tights not included.

PERFORMANCE TRACK STUDENTS – $70 per costume. Tights not included.

Costumes are not custom made, costumes are made to order. They are rarely an in stock item. Once costumes arrive, teachers will fit costumes on students to insure there are no major problems. Most costumes are made to cut the hem if too long and may need to be taken up for looseness. This is up to the family. There are no guaranteed seamstresses on staff at Centre Pointe Performing Arts, if a seamstress becomes available, we will let the families know when someone will be at studio to help. Costumes are held until all outstanding fees are paid in full.

Tuition Policies

If paying monthly, tuition fees are processed first Friday of each month – through May. (9 tuition payments) First month is processed September 6th, if registering prior to that date. If registering after September 6th, first month automatically processed and each following month, first Friday of each month.

Centre Pointe Performing Arts reserves the right to cancel any class that does not have at least 5 students by the time classes begin.

Late or Failed Payments
If Centre Pointe receives a notice that payment cannot be applied to account, or payment did not go through, family will have one week to update billing information to allow payment to go through. A $35 fee will be assessed if a payment is processed and fails to go through, unless there is a problem on the processing side of the transaction.

If after one week the account remains past due, teacher will be notified that student should be asked to sit and observe class until they are notified otherwise. If after one week of sitting in the class, account has not been corrected, dancer will be removed from class roster.

All billing questions should be addressed with owner and can be emailed at studio email address. Teachers are not involved in billing and thus billing questions must be handled with owner.

Visiting Students

Centre Pointe Performing Arts welcomes all students to study dance at Centre Pointe Performing Arts; however, dancers should focus their studies on one studio to ensure consistent training and will encourage dancer to progress quicker. Centre Pointe Performing Arts does not condone students taking classes at more than one private dance studio simultaneously. Dancers are welcome to attend class at Centre Pointe Performing Arts as a visiting student (with visiting student’s studio approval) but must follow the policies in place for Centre Pointe Performing Arts students.ole responsibility of the student or student’s family.

Recital Information

Centre Pointe Performing Arts holds a recital at the end of the school year (September through May). The recital takes place the first week-end after Memorial Weekend unless advised otherwise.

All classes listed on fall schedule, unless marked with**, are involved in the recital. If participating in the recital, each family pays a performance fee, there are 3-4 shows during recital week-end. The first 3 recitals require tickets to enter theatre. Everyone is required to leave theatre after each show ends and re-enter with new ticket. Our  “troupe show” featuring our competitive students and does not require a ticket.

Which recital each class will be placed in will be decided by Studio Director and will be announced when information regarding recital is sent out.

Performance fee – $60 per family. Performance fee does not include tickets. Performance fees are non-refundable.

Student Behavior & Dress Code

Students who consistently miss class can be placed in an understudy role for recital. It will be determined by the instructor whether student will be able to perform in the recital. Only the instructor can determine if the student is ready to perform and this will occur even if student has purchased costumes and paid performance fee. Students should not miss class, but once recital dances are being taught, student cannot miss class frequently and still be in performance.

Students must wear proper dance wear to class. Any student dressed inappropriately for class can be asked to sit and observe. (See class attire on website). Dance is no different than soccer or any sporting activity—dancewear is the appropriate and required “uniform” for class.

A dancer arriving more than 15 minutes late to class can be asked to sit and observe. This is at the discretion of the teacher.

Jewelry should not be worn in dance class. Students with pierced ears should only wear post earrings. Hanging earrings or hoops are not safe to wear in a dance class. Any other type of body piercing should not be worn to dance class if visible to the instructor. Dancers who choose to have body piercings will be asked to remove any and all piercings for any performance or rehearsal event. Students will be asked to cover any visible tattoos.

Hair must be secured away from the dancer’s face. Ballet students should have their hair in a bun. All other students must have their hair pulled back in a secure fashion. Preballet 2 students and above should always have hair in bun.

Extremely long nails are a hazard to the dancers as well as fellow dancers. Students should keep nails cut to a length no longer than right above the finger tip. Students will be asked to cut their nails if they are longer than requested. This applies to real or fake nails. Please be considerate of your fellow dancers, long nails hurt.

Gum is a choking hazard!!!! Students must not chew gum in class. It is prohibited.

Only teachers are allowed in classroom with students, unless otherwise advised by teacher. If there is a behavior problem, the teacher should be the one to address the problem. If a parent believes the issue is not being handled correctly, parent may attempt to speak to the teacher after class has ended. If the problem remains unresolved, parent should contact studio director.

Weather Policy

Weather related closings are posted on Centre Pointe Performing Arts’ Facebook page. Centre Pointe Performing Arts does not follow the school systems in regards to closings. A message is usually placed on Facebook by 2:00 PM on week-days or by 8:00 AM on Saturdays and for morning classes. If you do not have a Facebook page, visit Centre Pointe Performing Arts website. If Centre Pointe Performing Arts decides to open, it is up to each family whether they feel comfortable driving in inclement weather conditions. Classes missed due to inclement weather can be made up in a class of same or lower level. If winter presents us with a large amount of closings, we will schedule make up classes the week prior to recital. Make ups may be combined with similar levels and styles.

Student Withdraw Policies

Parents must notify Centre Pointe Performing Arts in writing if their child withdraws from dance class. Billing will continue and the family remains financially responsible for all billing until a written notice is sent regarding withdrawal from classes. This can be done via email. An acknowledgement must be sent back from Centre Pointe Performing Arts regarding any class withdrawals. Withdrawals after costumes and performance fees are paid does not result in any refunds, costumes will not be ordered or handed out to students who withdraw from classes after performance and costume fees have been billed . Centre Pointe Performing Arts accepts no withdrawals after 11/16; any dancers withdrawing after 11/16 (date prior to costume fees processing) will be billed for remainder of year through May billing. Students are financially responsible for all payments unless withdrawal occurs by or before 11/16.

Dancemoves offers no refunds – any in-full payments, monthly class fees or costumes and/or additional fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

It is understood that this agreement shall be binding upon the dancers and the parents for the benefit  Centre Pointe Performing Arts.

General Studio Policies

Centre Pointe Performing Arts reserves the right to use any photography, video, recordings or any other record of event or class for publicity, advertising or any other promotional purpose.

Centre Pointe Performing Arts is not responsible for any belongings left in the studio or outside of the studio.

Centre Pointe Performing Arts is granted permission to act for all students according to their best judgment if an emergency situation may require medical attention to a child/student involved in an activity/dance class at Centre Pointe Performing Arts. It is acknowledged that dance, as with any physical activity, has inherent risks and by registering for classes, student/family of student agree this is a risk they are aware of and wish to register for classes with full knowledge of the inherent risks. By each and every registering family/student, completing registration, Centre Pointe Performing Arts is completely released and all liability is waived to hold Centre Pointe Performing Arts and its owners, along with all instructors and independent contractors hired by Centre Pointe Performing Arts from any legal responsibility/or any monetary compensation for any injury or illness of students attending activity/classes or traveling to and or from classes or competitions/performances. It is understood that all medical and related expenses incurred will be the sole responsibility of the student or student’s family.