Directed and Choreographed by Dee Caspary 

Filmed and Edited by Taylor James Photography 

Associate Olivia Cee



Choreographed By: Kelly Sneddon 

Performed By: Francesca Aiello, Calista Dabrowski, Bethany Grzymala, June Heslin, Adrianna Tarr, Madison Zinkand

“Find the Window” 

Choreographed By: Anne O’Brien 

Performed By: Trinity Brechtel, Gracelyn Dabrowski, Gabriele Hilditch, Bella Pastore, Alessia Scotti, Hannah Sullivan

“Party Girls” 

Choreographed By: Molly Dodd 

Performed By: Claire Corley, Abigail Dayberry, Madelynn Jones, Lillian Kaifer, Ava Logan, Emma Slavov, Saniah Thomas, Isabella Wancowicz

“Mr. Postman” 

Choreographed By: Nicolle Canapp 

Performed By: Alexandra Atchison, Brielle Beaty, Gabrielle Johnson, Alex Maskell, Mary Mullin, Baylee Rodriguez, Lyla Stichel-Wiggett