Ages 5 and Up

By invitation only- Evaluation available upon request

  • Dancers invited into the performance track are committing to a year long obligation
  • Dancers must exemplify hard work and be outstanding role models and representation of CPPA
  • Dancers are required to attend all classes unless the absence has been approved by a teacher
  • Being on CPPA Troupe may limit their ability to perform in extra curricular’s
  • Attending mandatory classes 2-5 days a week including:
    • Ballet
    • Modern
    • Lyrical
    • Contemporary
    • Tap
    • Jazz


Regular rehearsals will occur weekly to prepare Troupe dancers for upcoming competitions

  • Competitions will occur starting in January throughout the state and in nearby states
  • Dancers will compete in group dances and are encouraged to partake in solos, duos, and trios


Dancers on CPPA Troupe are required to attend at least on dance convention during the season.


  • Conventions are typically 2-3 days during the weekend
  • Dancers have the opportunity to learn from world renowned teachers and choreographers
  • Conventions typically take place in state or nearby
  • In house conventions and master classes are also provided to our dancers