Children’s Program

Ages 1.5 to 8
Open to All Students Based on Age

We invite all young dancers to participate in our Children’s Program to experience the joy dance and moving can bring to a child. Dancers in the children’s program are introduced to basic ballet positions, center and travelling steps, and as they progress, teachers increase the complexity of the skills. All along the way, they are learning proper terminology presented in a fun and stimulating environment.

The students explore movement and steps that encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills, travelling steps and musicality. A student’s first important learning experience involves the ability to follow directions, and this is taught in a nurturing and structured manner, ensuring success. Children’s props, children’s music, along with enchanting stories are incorporated into the class time. As the dancers progress through the children’s level, both tap and jazz are introduced to the class time. A Centre Pointe curriculum is followed as the dancer progresses through the various levels of classes.

Upon completion of the children’s program, the students develop a solid foundation that will enable them to progress into Centre Pointe’s more advanced training programs.

Centre Pointe Recital

The recital offers such a great performance opportunity for all the dancers to showcase their accomplishments for the year.  You will experience great enjoyment and pride in seeing the dancers shine onstage, from the very young little toddlers, showing off their first steps to the most advanced dancers amazing you with their grace and ability. All classes listed on fall schedule, unless marked with**, are involved in the recital.  Centre Pointe holds a recital at the end of the school year (September-May).

Recital Date: Sunday June 6th 2021(tentative)
Dress Rehearsal: Saturday June 5th 2021 (tentative)

Children’s Program Tuition

Fall rates can be found below on class schedule link.
Rates vary based on length of class, age of students, and style of class being offered.

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